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Circuit board assembly, programming & testing

After having modernised our production area for electronics in 2011, we now combine the entire range of services of ahousings manufacturer. Our modular production units allow us to react quickly and flexibly to the most diverse requirements and changes on short notice.

Furthermore, and apart from different programming and testing procedures, we also offer the possibility of artificial aging (burn-in) of your modules and products as to avoid early failures.

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Assembly of PCBs

We offer all the usual production procedures such as SMT, THT and mixed arrangements, and process nearly all the different kinds of component shapes including 0201, QFN, PGA, BGA and board sizes up to 300 x 390 mm according to the IPC A 610 standards. Our comprehensive production processes range from wave soldering, reflow soldering, IR-repair, manual soldering and press-in up to various methods for product finishing such as LP-cleaning, coating and casting techniques. On demand, we are even able to manufacture your modules with controlled batch management of all components according to ZVEI traceability up to level 3.

Programming & testing

We have a large number of offline and in-system programming options for various types of controllers. Apart from optical testing procedures such as AOI and visual testing stations, we also offer diverse electronic procedures for burn-in tests or module-specific performance checks, which may also be configured and programmed during the construction of test equipment at the customer's request. Furthermore, we also offer various arrangements for the pre-qualification of your modules.

Product examples

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