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Materials & profile processing

Our qualified staff and the most modern processing machines and measurement devices guarantee quality and maximum precision in manufacture. Whether you want to process metals or plastics, solid materials, castings or
profiles - Dittrich & Greipl's processing options are nearly unlimited.
Apart from production-specific matters, we are prepared to assist you in creating a customized design for your product that is well optimized for manufacture.
Our specialized personnel are ready to provide advice on this matter.

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Processing of metals and plastics

Our modern CNC milling centres allow for the manufacture of metal and plastic parts with dimensions up to
1130 x 720 x 630 mm with the highest possible precision. Our 5-axis technique in combination with our
electro-erosive processing options enable us to achieve even the most complicated shapes and outlines.
Various subsequent coating and printing methods complete our range of services. At Dittrich & Greipl, final inspection is made with a fully automatic 3D coordinate measuring system.

Profile processing

A high stability and low usage of materials, high demands on outline and fit: these are advantages that the profile technology has over the metal sheet technique. It is becoming more and more important in the area of casings and device manufacture due to the decreasing costs of tools production. Dittrich & Greipl has therefore extended their
range of manufacture with a profile processing facility for processing lengths of up to 4,000 mm.

Manufacture of tools and fixtures

We can offer you an extensive range of services in the area of tools and fixture manufacture. It includes tool making for punching and forming tools as well as the construction of fixtures for a wide range of needs.
We manufacture tools for decorative and technical moulded parts up to dimensions of 600 x 700 mm.
Furthermore we also have technologies for the electro-erosive processing of your products (wire and vertical eroding machines).

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