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Sheet metal processing & housing manufacturing

Experience and technological prominence have always been among the core competences of Dittrich & Greipl.
From a simple sheet metal angle up to a complex housing: our experienced employees and the extensive machinery on our manufacturing sites in Röhrnbach and Kaplice (CZ) guarantee maximum reliability and flexibility. Many prestigious customers from several industries have been relying on Dittrich & Greipl for many years. Please place your trust in us too, and allow us to convince you of our capabilities.

>> Machinery "Sheet metal processing and casing manufacturing"

Sheet metal processing and housing manufacturing has been at the centre of our operations since the very beginning. Our modern machinery offers the best conditions for an economical and high-grade processing of metal sheets up to large sizes of 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm of all the usual materials and alloys.

Two punch-laser processing machines, two laser cutting machines, four punching machines and an extensive range of tools allow a high performance right from the start.

fiber laser technology in sheet metal manufacturing

Our many years of experience and the know-how of our qualified employees are the key factors for the high quality standards of our bending technology. 
Our bending machines in various dimensions and performance categories allow us to guarantee a constant high quality and process reliability for samples and series. 
A pressure force of up to 1,000 kN and a processing length of up to 3,000 mm enable the processing of an almost infinite variety of products.

Handling the most various metals and alloys requires experience, technical expertise and, of course, comprehensive processing options in the area of metal joining  technology.

Apart from up-to-date force fitting facilities we have a number of further joining or bonding techniques, such as rivets, at our disposal.

One of our major strong points in mechanical manufacture is our welding technique. From the vantage point of capacity, this department plays a major role in our company with its 26 workstations. We use both MIG/MAG and WIG procedures and also spot welding and stud welding systems.

We separate the workstations for standard and stainless steel / Aluminium and thus prevent a contamination of parts and minimise the risk of a late corrosion on your product.

But also in terms of precision we are able to meet the highest demands in housingmanufacture with our welding coordinate tables and our qualified specialist staff.

Surface engineering

The final step of all processes within the manufacture of casings or their constituent parts is surface engineering.
Dittrich & Greipl offers, with their own powder coating and foam, an ideal solution for an industrial and individual casing manufacture.

With our manual cabin and a coating plant for series production which includes cleansing, pre-treatment and a
color-change automatism, we process both samples and serial parts with all common powder coatings in an economic, sophisticated and process-proof way.

The sealing of manufactured casings is supported by a CNC-driven foaming plant, which uses the FIPFG technique (Formed in Place Foam Gasket) to apply a flexible foam seal made of polyurethane directly onto the parts.

Along with our qualified suppliers we offer a wide range of other surface procedures such as glass bead blasting, galvanizing (zinc coating | passivating), anodic coating, cathode dip-paint coating (KTL), liquid painting, screen printing and many others.

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